Bullet Journal, l’envers du décor … – CD4C#2

Bullet Journal - behind the scenes

I am so glad to share with you today the second post of the Circle of the 4 Notebooks. This time we wanted to share with you the backstage of the Bullet Journal world.

Indeed, on the blogs or social media, notebooks’ pictures are all more beautiful than the other. But rest assured, we are not infallible, far from it! We have in our notebooks numerous failed pages, and test layouts we dropped. Because having a Bullet Journal also means :

test, learn, start again

I have to admit that we are not often very proud of these failures, theses pages are not the ones we shared on social media. Except today! Today you will discover some of my quirks, and I know that we are quite a few to have them.

Bullet Journal - behind the scenes

An outdated index

The index is kind of the backbone of the Bullet Journal. It is one of the features that differentiates a classic notebook from this analog organization system. Although usually, when I begin a notebook, my index is duly completed as soon as a create a new page, little by little, I have a tendency to forgot to update it …

Bullet Journal - l'envers du décor - un index pas vraiment à jour
Bullet Journal – behind the scenes – An outdated index

What can you do in that case? You just have to take half an hour maximum when you feel motivated, and look over your Bullet Journal to update your index. Nothing irremediable! Even if you don’t really find it useful, I highly suggest you to do it. Indeed when you will have several filled notebooks, and you will want to find a particular page, you will be so happy to have your index updated, believe me!

Non-completed notebooks

Another base principle of the bullet journal: optimizing each notebook by using every single page. And even if I would dream to have a nice set of notebooks that follow one another, but I have to admit that I stopped using one notebook halfway through filling it at least once.

My very first notebook for instance had some gridded pages. It was a “pure” bullet journal, no decoration, no nice headings. Eventually the seriousness of it made me using it less and less, until I dropped it. When I wanted to try this method once more, I couldn’t resist to buy a nice dotted notebook.

Another time, I switched to an A6 format. My A5 bullet journal was half full, but I didn’t see myself wait three to four more months to try this new format that I really wanted to test. That’s when I dropped my copper Leuchtturm…

Bullet Journal - behind the scenes - Non-completed notebooks
Bullet Journal – behind the scenes – Non-completed notebooks

What to do in that case? If you have a tendency to start a new notebook each month, maybe the notebook format is not for you. Have you ever tried a ring system?

Whatever happens, it is not because you started using a new notebook that you cannot still use the old one. As far as I’m concerned I am using my copper Leuchtturm to try new layouts, and to write the ideas that come from all sides of my head for my future projects!

Abandoned trackers

Ah, the monthly trackers… I really admire the nice sheets filled in the social media! But I have to admit that I never successfully used one all the way… Even the october one, that I decorated to make me want to use it, I dropped it two weeks later.

Bullet Journal - behind the scenes - Abandoned tracker
Bullet Journal – behind the scenes – Abandoned tracker

Regarding the moon madalas, ths first ones were filled regularly. Today I think I will stop using this tracker because the last two were hardly colored…

Bullet Journal - behind the scenes - Abandoned Moon Mandala
Bullet Journal – behind the scenes – Abandoned Moon Mandala

What to do in that case? Have you ever questioned the usefulness of your tracker? If you don’t use it, maybe it is because  you simply don’t or no longer need it. As far as I’m concerned, the weekly tracker is best suited for my needs.

I also think that I will go back to using a yearly tracker, mostly for my chores, which will only show the week’s numbers. You can try and change the timeline of your tracker to find the one best suited for your needs.

Blank pages

Sometime I save some space so that I can finish the current month, while I am setting the next month up. It is very important for me as I start setting the next month up quite early, so that I can feed the blog articles without pressure. But it’s not an exact science, and I often overestimate the space needed to finish the current month, so I end up with blank pages.

Bullet Journal - behind the scenes - Blank pages
Bullet Journal – behind the scenes – Blank pages

What do in that case? I often use the blank pages lost in my bullet journal to add a collection. Thanks to the index, I know that I will easily find it when I will need it.

Or if I have a bit more time, I add a quote that gets me greatly motivated, or I draw something, which has the advantage to make my notebook more beautiful and that gets me to want to write even more in it! If you are not an artist, print something that you like. Or add a coloring (you will find some in the shop…)

Calendar spread I did not really use that much

One of the difficulties with the bullet journal, it is to find the layouts that suit ourselves. And believe me, in my blog dedicated bullet journal, I had to make about ten tries before finding THE weekly layout that suits me perfectly. Yes you read well, at least ten tries! It is proof that is is sometimes useful to have a “dropped” notebook in which you can experiment!

What to do in that case? You too you have yearly, monthly or even weekly plannings that you never really used? Well the good news is that now you know what does not suit you! even if you may still don’t know what does suit you. Do not treat these pages as useless or as failures, and remember my motto: test, learn and start again!

Cross out and mistakes

To my great despair, sadly I am not a perfect person! And I rarely prepare my pages using a pencil. That means that I often do mistakes, mainly with headings that are too large for the width of the page, or even with the dates of my dailies.

Bullet Journal - behind the scenes - Cross out title
Bullet Journal – behind the scenes – Cross out title

And I must confess that when I am almost done with a pretty page that took me a long time to prepare, and suddenly, I realise that I made a mistake, I am often angry, very angry…

Bullet Journal - behind the scenes - Cross out dailies
Bullet Journal – behind the scenes – Cross out dailies

What to do in that case? Breathe! It is only a notebook after all! I already told you of my perfectionist side, and how the Bullet Journal helped me a lot with it.

Now I have developed a lot of tricks to mask the mistakes I make: white labels, stickers, sticking a white sheet cut from the end of my notebook,… there are a lot of techniques. And sometimes, I just draw a big cross, and add a little commentary. Because it always makes me smile when I go through the pages some weeks or months later!

I hope that these few examples have helped you to relax and anticipate without fear your future pages. As you can see, my current my Bullet Journal, just like the previous ones, is not perfect, far from it!

By choosing this method, you also make the choice of using an analog system, in which there is no “cancel” button.

And isn’t it even better like this?

Elodie - Soho Hana

The Circle of the 4 Notebooks #2

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Welcome Caroline for this second post of the Circle of the 4 Notebooks!

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24 commentaire sur “Bullet Journal, l’envers du décor … – CD4C#2

  1. Bonjour Elodie,
    Merci pour cet article qui remet la réalité des imperfections à sa place. Moi aussi, pas mal d’essais/ erreurs que j’assume ( autant que possible) en adaptant le modèle la prochaine fois. Je n’ai pas encore trouvé la page hebdomadaire idéale mais 2018 sera la bonne année pour réaliser ce souhait.

  2. Coucou! Première fois que je commente alors que je viens très régulièrement ! Juste pour te dire que j’adore tes articles sur le bullet! t.es articles sont vraiment super ! 😁

  3. Non pas de compte IG (Instagram?) mais je peux t’envoyer des photos si tu veux…
    Mon bujo va aussi changer dans quelques jours (en tous cas dès décembre), vu que Numéro 2 va bien finir par se décider à venir au monde (de toute façon, jeudi dernier carat, il lui faudra quitter son cocon douillet).
    J’ai dans le rabat de mon protège Bujo quelques feuilles volantes que j’intègrerai dans Décembre, qui concernent 2018…

    1. Oui Instagram, désolée l’habitude de parler en abrégé (je dirais même la mauvaise habitude …).
      Carrément je veux bien des photos ! Enfin quand tu auras le temps, parce que bon tu vas être bien occupée dans les jours à venir … Toujours pas décidé à montrer le bout de son nez 🙂 ?

  4. Heureusement que nos carnets ne sont pas parfaits, il ne font que refléter notre quotidien, avec des hauts et des bas, et c’est bien comme ça… la perfection, c’est épuisant ! 😅😉

  5. Ca me rassure de voir que je ne suis pas la seule à avoir un petit problème d’assiduité avec mon index !! 🙂
    Le positif c’est que je me suis calée un rendez-vous avec moi-même dans mon agenda pour enfin remplir tous mes index laissés à l’abandon et archiver correctement mes carnets !

    1. Ahahah 🤣
      Tu vas me prendre pour une folle, mais maintenant j’essaie de “m’appliquer” dans mes ratures pour éviter le syndrome “arrachage de page”. Et tu sais mes pages au final c’est juste de l’écriture, avec quelques jolis titres et en s’appliquant un peu, on peut arriver à de jolis résultats 😉

  6. Une petite coquille: il faut lire “quand je fais” et non “quand je vais”, “mois” au lieu de “moi”, “couleurs” et non “couleurs”, “simples” au lieu de “simple”… Quand on ne se relit pas…

  7. Pour ma part, je triche: quand je vais une rature, je mets un autocollant dessus!

    Pour les trackers, chaque moi je change le titre, ce que je suis comme “défi” ou résolution…
    J’entame mon 3° mois de BuJo et aucun ne ressemble à celui d’avant: j’ai 4 “collections” entre octobre et novembre, une “collection” en août que je continue à remplir… Et mon index commencé en dégradé de couleur va probablement finir en noir et blanc dès que je changerai de page.

    La seule évolution que je vois est que j’ai commencé en aout en écrivant de plein de couleurs différentes, sans faire de décoration et que maintenant j’écris en noir, très simplement, et que j’insère carrément des frises simple ou des coloriages dans les marges ou sur les pages incomplètes (ma dernière page d’octobre sera complétée d’une belle citrouille ;-))

    1. C’est super intéressant pour ça le Bullet Journal ! En feuilletant nos carnets on se rend compte de ce qui nous a attiré au début, et de comment on a évolué depuis … J’espère que tu tiens le coup de ton côté 😉
      Petite question : tu as un compte IG 🙂 ?

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