Bullet Journal and blogging – CD4C#1

Bullet Journal et Blogging

Let’s talk about the very first edition of a brand new project in which I am so lucky to take part: The Circle of the 4 Notebooks! The aim of this group is rather basic: 4 gilrs, 4 blogs, 4 styles, and a Bullet Journal theme to write about with our vision and our own life experience.

I have to say that I am so thrilled to take part to this new adventure. Especially since the other girls are none other than my friends ClairePowa and Karolina ! If you do not know them yet, I hardly recommend you to check their respective blogs to get some inspiration for your Bullet Journal!

Bullet Journal et Blogging

For this first edition of the 5 Notebooks Squad, the theme is very close to my heart because we will talk about elements which are already guiding the rhythm of my daily life: Bullet Journaling and Blogging. When I created Soho Hana, I already used the Bullet Journal concept. So I naturally added the management of my blog in my notebook.

Naturally, I am sharing with you today my tips if you too want to manage your blog with your Bullet Journal.

Centralizing your post ideas

One of the first collection I added in my Bullet Journal for my blog was a list of blog post ideas. This way when a new theme comes to my mind, I write it down so I do not forget it.

Then I can check on this list to choose a new subject for the blog posts to come.

Bullet Journal and Blogging - Blog posts ideas
Bullet Journal and Blogging – Blog posts ideas

Having a todo list

Having a blog is firstly having a website. And just like all websites, it needs maintenance and evolutions. In order not to be overwhelmed by all the technical things to manage, you just have to list them, and if possible to prioritize them. It can be bugs to fix, upgrades to make with your blog design, or evolutions to develop.

Bullet Journal and Blogging - Todo list
Bullet Journal and Blogging – Todo list

Setting up an editorial calendar

An editorial calendar is for me the key to recurrent publishing on your blog, and to anticipate the amount of work to do. I like to have a calendar vision with the posts to publish, with the printables to create for the library, and with the new products to create for the shop.

Bullet Journal and Blogging - Editorial planning with cases
Bullet Journal and Blogging – Editorial planning with cases
Bullet Journal and Blogging - Editorial planning with calendar view
Bullet Journal and Blogging – Editorial planning with calendar view

Using a dedicated weekly calendar

In addition to my monthly editorial calendar, I like to take some time each end of the week to plan the next week. To do so I check the three pages I just mentioned, and I prepare the upcoming week considering the priorities and the time I am going to have.

Bullet Journal and Blogging - Weekly calendar
Bullet Journal and Blogging – Weekly calendar

Keeping a trafic report

I am always interested in knowing the evolution of the visitors number on the blog. It helps me set up goals, and to ajust the content I propose to you each month. This is why, each month, I keep in my monthly calendar some space for the blog statistics.

Bullet Journal and Blogging - Trafic repport
Bullet Journal and Blogging – Trafic repport

For me the Bullet Journal is the perfect tool to manage your blog. You can have in one notebook your calendar, and all your notes about upcoming posts, website maintenance, partnerships …

What about you? What are your tips to manage your blog daily?

Elodie - Soho Hana



The Circle of the 4 Notebooks #1

Check out how to combine Bullet Journaling at your workspace on the other girls’ blogs!

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8 commentaire sur “Bullet Journal and blogging – CD4C#1

  1. En 6 ans de blogging, je crois que j’ai essayé des tonnes de méthodes d’organisation différentes. Mais je suis la reine de la dernière minute et duchangement de plan au dernier moment. Il faudrait que j’essaye d’intégrer la partie blog dans mon bullet journal mais je ne sais pas trop comment faire encore.

  2. J’adore ton planning éditorial avec la vue calendaire ! J’arrive rarement à publier plus d’un article toutes les 2 semaines et je pense que cette vue pourrait me convenir. Je vais surement te piquer l’idée 🙂

  3. Eh bien moi j’utilise le “réca” mensuel avec plusieurs rubriques : celle des articles et publi mais aussi le suivi de la fréquentation. Ainsi que mes réalisations couture perso et commande avec le temps passé pour chaque couture.
    Pour le moment pas de calendrier éditorial sachant que je publie en fonction de mes créations. Mais un petit encart dans ma journée pour planifier l’écriture des articles. Ensuite leur publication est automatisée par mon serveur.

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