Plan with me – September 2017

Plan with me - September 2017

September means Back to School. I really like these times of the year when it feels like a new begining.

This is giving me the oportunity to present for thevery first time on the blog my new Bullet Journal. Indeed last month I realize that an A5 notebook was deffinitely too much space in my bag. I have to say that I take my Bullet Journal everywhere with me. Therefore I started trying to use anA6 format in August. After some adaptation time, it is actually a revelation. But this will be the subject of an upcoming post!

Plan with me - September 2017

Here is the planification of this new month in my tiny Bullet Journal

Monthly calendar

In an A6 notebook, the month takes more than one page, unlike the A5 format. So I decided to place my monthly calendar on the upper top of this spread, and to keep the bottom for some notes, and for my blog trafic tracker.

Plan with me - September 2017 - Monthly Calendar
Plan with me – September 2017 – Monthly Calendar

September in a few words …

I am keeping my monthly journal, but in a full spread this time. I chose not to write the numbers of the days this month. I going to try to write in this page as we go along, by using each day one or to lines depending of my inspiration.

Plan with me - September 2017 - Journaling
Plan with me – September 2017 – Journaling

Moon Mandala

Here is my September Moon Mandala, which is actually a Mood Mandala associated to a moon calendar. I really like how it renders this month.

To tell you the truth, when I began to draw it, I made a huge mistake … But I used my Pentel Hybrid Metallic pens to hide it. Which shows that sometimes, mistakes can lead to beautiful spread!

Plan with me - September 2017 - Moon Calendar
Plan with me – September 2017 – Moon Calendar

Food diversification tracker

Do you remember my son’s sleep tracker of last month? I am proud to say that I no longer need it! E sleeps through the nights like a champ’ since he celebrated his 5 months!

On the other hand I began to diversificate his food since a few days. And I wanted to keep tracks of our various attempst in a dedicated calendar.

Plan with me - September 2017 - Diversification tracker
Plan with me – September 2017 – Diversification tracker

I have to admit that I was quite worried when I began the set up of September in this tiny notebook. But actually everything fits well!

Is your month of September already set up on your end?

Elodie - Soho Hana

New in the library!

Following all your feedback about last month Moon Mandala, you can now download a template for the 30 days month in the library. In this way you can re-use this template indefinitly, you will just have to complete the moon calendar of the current month!

Moon Mandala 30 jours

How can I access to the library? 

To access the library, simply join the Soho Hana community by cliking here. The password will be sent to you by email once you have confirmed your subscription.

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12 commentaire sur “Plan with me – September 2017

  1. Merci toujours et encore pour tes belles réalisations.
    J’avoue que le format A5 me pèse aussi un peu sachant que je reprends le chemin du travail la semaine prochaine et que cela va faire lourd dans mon cartable. Le prochain sera donc surement sur le format A6. Je suivrai tes retours.

  2. Juste un petit mot pour te dire à quel point ton bloc est inspirant (et tu dessines tellement bien!!) Merci de partager tes idées avec des personnes comme moi qui n’ont pas beaucoup d’imagination et d’organisation! 🙂

  3. Merci Elodie de nous faire découvrir un peu plus de pages de ce nouveau format !!!! C’est vraiment super joli ! Pour ma part, je continue avec le format A5 qui, pour l’instant, me convient parfaitement !!! 😉 Merci pour ta trame de mandala, elle est super !

    À très vite

  4. Septembre est presque prêt… Il ne doit manquer que le report d’août sur septembre à faire et un peu de déco (les rubans notamment)…
    Nouveauté de ce deuxième mois de Bujo: un suivi des dépenses du ménage!

    Que fais-tu de ton ancien Bujo?

    1. Avec un peu (beaucoup …) de retard 🙂 :
      Mon ancien bujo me sert de carnet pour des prises de notes rapides, notamment pour mes futurs gros projets, et il me sert également pour tester des mises en pages

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